06 April 2011

Hello from my never-updated blog!

Dear Universe,
I will try to update my blog more.

I just got some great pictures back from the 2010 Peak To Peak Pedal and I will try to post them soon!

My current stats, for the curious: 14 query letters, 3 rejections thus far.
Querying: Micah On Mumbly Peak, MG fantasy
Revising: Snow Big Deal, MG contemp
Finishing sometime soon: The Third Arjuna, YA fantasy


Deb said...

YAY! An update from Sarah! I look forward to seeing more such evasive creatures :)

Chelsey said...

Hi Sarah,

I saw your post over at YA Highway and wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Chelsey, a twenty-two year-old aspiring YA author and I have a disability. I write a blog called Sense and Disability which is about a lot of things, but often disability-oriented book reviews and life as YA with/D.

I just wanted to say hi. Your post was fabulous!