09 April 2011

I Can Haz Guest Post?

I was asked by one of the writers of a supa sweet blog, YA Highway, to write a guest post on Great Characters With Disabilities in YA and MG (young adult and middle grade) novels. I'm rawther pleased with how it came out. Go! Read!

Also, for no specific reason, here are two super rad photos from 2010's Peak-to-Peak Pedal. In both shots I am the one in the red helmet, fourth in the line.

06 April 2011

Hello from my never-updated blog!

Dear Universe,
I will try to update my blog more.

I just got some great pictures back from the 2010 Peak To Peak Pedal and I will try to post them soon!

My current stats, for the curious: 14 query letters, 3 rejections thus far.
Querying: Micah On Mumbly Peak, MG fantasy
Revising: Snow Big Deal, MG contemp
Finishing sometime soon: The Third Arjuna, YA fantasy