01 July 2008

Excessive Busy-ness

I've kept very busy over the past week, what with a new long commute to the job and trips out of town and generally hustling and bustling. I will try to post some pics soon. In the meantime, here are some great links I have seen this week:

A post at Disability Studies, Temple U about when independence may not be the ultimate and desirable goal of everyone with disabilities. This one really got me thinking. As the author acknowledges, she is somewhat going 'against the party line' on this one. It's a very thoughtful piece that in turn gave me a lot to think about.

Dave over at Chewing the Fat always has a lot of food for thought, but this post stood out for me a lot more than usual. He writes about the way he is treated as a person with a physical disability while out shopping. (Hint: the answer isn't 'like a professional adult man doing his shopping.') The demeaning and degrading attitudes of others towards PWD are hardly believable and yet very common.

A very sweet and moving piece about Rob's daughter Schuyler gaining her 'big girl voice.' Rob always writes amazing posts, and this one is especially wonderful.

And oh yeah! The latest Disability Blog Carnival is up at Pipecleaner Dreams. The topic is 'celebrations.' Ashley's Mom has done a great job on this edition and thrown in a coconut cake recipe for good measure! There are lots of interesting posts in this one. I meant to join it but then life took off at a high speed and I didn't get to. Hopefully I will be in the next Carnival.

ETA: Go watch this great video! If you are in a sour mood, smiling is guaranteed by the end! I think it's a gum commercial. But there's no gum in it. Just one man traveling across seven continents spreading a silly dance to locals young and old. If we could get this guy into the UN I think it would put an end to wars within the week. Go! Watch it!

Have a fantastic fourth of July and be safe around barbeques and fireworks and lakes and rivers and all the other summer holiday hazards.


Tina said...

thanks for these links, there is a lot of good content that I am particularly interested in that I would not have found otherwise;)


Erika said...

I can relate to the post about shopping while disabled (even though I'm not disabled) when I was pregnant. People have such odd (and unwanted) notions of how to treat others who are not perfectly abled.

Laurie Ashton said...

Yup, good links and an interesting read. I'm seeing that there are some advantages to having a hidden disability.