14 July 2008

Bluetooth Headset Thieves Swiping Cochlear Implants from Toddlers

This morning I read this shameful story on the LA Times. It's about a deaf three year old boy who is learning to speak with the use of a cochlear implant. This sweet little pumpkin had the external portion of his cochlear implant stolen, not once, but twice! Teenage thieves swiped it right off of his ear while he was running errands with his mother. The first time, his mother chased the thieves into a parking lot where they dropped the device unharmed. The second time, the device was lost. Luckily, they had a backup device.

The article claims that thieves think the cochlear implant earpiece is a Bluetooth headset (hands-free wireless doodad for a cell phone), so cochlear implant earpiece swiping is becoming more prevalent. While a Bluetooth headset costs between $50 and $300, this little boy's cochlear implant earpiece costs $6000! Need I even bring up the question of who steals from a toddler? Ignorant teenage doofuses, apparently, because in my experience a cochlear implant looks nothing at all like a bluetooth. You be the judge:

Cochlear implant, behind the ear, plus a transmitter magnetically attached to the side of the head.

Bluetooth: stuck in the ear and pointed toward the mouth.

An unrelated gross story: This weekend I went out for sushi. I ordered a small sake because it goes perfectly with sushi. I love sake and I have tried probably one hundred different varieties. It came in a little tiny pitcher, and I poured myself a little cupful. I took a hearty sip, but it wasn't delicious sake! It was rice vinegar! Horrible, sour, and gross. I just managed to spit it back into the cup rather than all over the table. The End!


Laurie Ashton said...

That is absolutely despicable! Stealing a cochlear implant from an infant, that is, although I imagine the rice vinegar wasn't great, either, but that wouldn't be enough to piss me off, whereas the cochlear implant theft is. The nerve of some people!

Miss Lissy said...

I think that's horrible! And I don't think they look anything alike. That's just sad that anyone would steal it from anyone - let alone a three year old.