23 June 2008

Punk Band With Members With Developmental Disabilities: Heavy Load

Definitely click here to check out 'Heavy Load,' a punk band from the UK. From boingboing.net, we learn that the band's mission is "to demonstrate that disability rocks"! They also have a campaign (in the UK) called Stay Up Late, to help people with developmental disabilities advocate for themselves to be able to stay out late enough to go to a show. Most punk/rock/pop shows last until 11 or 12, but many adults with cognitive impairments aren't permitted or aren't able to stay out so late. Also check 'em out in the NY Times!

Check IFC for a rerun of their documentary, which aired on June 23rd. It's on my DVR and I am hoping to watch it soon!

Image: The punk band Heavy Load playing in a tent. Shown are two guys jamming on guitars and a drummer with Down Syndrome rocking out at a black drum set.


Miss Lissy said...

I think that's awesome. People with disabilites are no different than everyone else and they deserve to have the same freedom to go to concerts and stuff that everyone else does.

rosemerry said...

I have a question I hope you don't mind me asking. It seems to best fit with this post as it deals with entertainment.

What do you think of side shows? Good? Bad? Should they not come back? Or was it a way for disabled people to make a living back in the day when people with disabilities/deformities couldn't find work?

I hope I don't offend with this question.

Erika said...

All I can say is "sweeeeeet" and rock on! That's awesome.