29 May 2008

Getting back on the bike

At one point in my life, I was very athletic. At this moment in time, however, I am what Eric Cartman would call "Festively Plump." I decided I needed to do a good thing for myself and a good thing for an organization that I love to support as well. So I've signed up for the 14th Annual USARC Peak-to-Peak Pedal, a 335-mile bicycle ride from Big Bear to Mammoth in California.

I used to do road bike racing back in high school, and I do still have my old road bike and shoes, so that's one thing going for me. The idea of pulling on some spandex shorts and flailing away on the old bike is at once horrifying and very motivating. Horrifying because I am out of shape and...well...spandex! Motivating because I realized I wanted to sign up for this but I didn't know if I could do it. I decided since I was passionate about adaptive skiing, my enthusiasm could spill over into this ride. I started training last week. So far so good. My folks are mailing my old bike on Monday. My cyclist friend J has taken pity on me and agreed to take me on training rides.

My goal is to fundraise $1800 for USARC (The US Adaptive Recreation Center). USARC provides adaptive skiing, waterskiing, camping, and other outdoor sports for children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. They are based in Big Bear, California. It's a wonderful program that changes lives. Their website states,
The USARC believes people are empowered when they undertake and succeed at challenging outdoor recreation. These experiences often result in increased self-confidence and greater success in academic, professional and personal life challenges.
In other words, opportunities to play in the outdoors, skiing and camping, are far more than just recreation. They represent a chance to build skills and self-esteem to help people achieve goals in every aspect of their lives.

Please visit my secure donation page-as a bonus you'll see a rather silly photo of me in ski helmet and goggles. Even if you can only donate a small amount, it still means a lot to the kids and adults who participate in USARC programs. Plus, all donations are tax deductible!

For those who live in or near Los Angeles County (or will be passing through any time this year), if you make a donation to USARC, I will bake you a delicious treat to say thanks! I am known far and wide for my baking prowess. If you donate to USARC:
$25, I will make you chocolate chip cookies, $50, I will make you cupcakes or scones (your choice of flavors), $100, I will make you a frosted double layer cake (your choice of flavors).

If you'd like to share this page with anyone who might be able to donate, click the little envelope icon at the bottom of the post or direct them to http://impossibleuniverse.blogspot.com/2008/05/getting-back-on-bike.html

Thanks for reading. If you want to know more about USARC or the Peak-to-Peak Pedal, please leave me a comment. If you have any training tips for this poor out-of-shape girl, those are also welcome!

Image: A little kid with a bowl haircut riding a red bicycle with training wheels. He is sticking out his tongue and he is wearing a red helmet. His bike has yellow wheels and a horn shaped like a duck.


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