30 June 2011

I'm Diversifying My Reading!

Over at Diversity In YA (an awesome site devoted to young adult and middle grade novels that celebrate diversity), they have a summer reading challenge on the go.

It's the Diversify Your Reading Summer Challenge, and I am totally going to play! The mission is: "to read diverse MG and YA books throughout the summer (you choose the books!) and write an essay (at least 500 words) about your experience." Sounds good to me! I already enjoy reading books with LGBT characters and characters of color--I missed out on these books almost entirely while growing up, and I'm making up for lost time now. Who else is in?

09 April 2011

I Can Haz Guest Post?

I was asked by one of the writers of a supa sweet blog, YA Highway, to write a guest post on Great Characters With Disabilities in YA and MG (young adult and middle grade) novels. I'm rawther pleased with how it came out. Go! Read!

Also, for no specific reason, here are two super rad photos from 2010's Peak-to-Peak Pedal. In both shots I am the one in the red helmet, fourth in the line.

06 April 2011

Hello from my never-updated blog!

Dear Universe,
I will try to update my blog more.

I just got some great pictures back from the 2010 Peak To Peak Pedal and I will try to post them soon!

My current stats, for the curious: 14 query letters, 3 rejections thus far.
Querying: Micah On Mumbly Peak, MG fantasy
Revising: Snow Big Deal, MG contemp
Finishing sometime soon: The Third Arjuna, YA fantasy

20 July 2009

Help me support the US Adaptive Recreation Center!


My name is Sarah Heacox and I've been a volunteer ski instructor at the U.S. Adaptive Recreation Center for several years, teaching downhill skiing to individuals with disabilities. I'm participating in a USARC fundraiser called the Peak-to-Peak Pedal, riding a bicycle 335 miles from Mammoth Mountain to Big Bear this fall. The money we raise supports outdoor recreation for children and adults with disabilities. This will be my second year riding the Peak-to-Peak!

USARC is the only organization in Southern California to provide camping, fishing, off-road downhill wheelchair riding, canoeing, sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, snowboarding and snow skiing instruction to the disabled community. Their website states,

"USARC believes people are empowered when they undertake and succeed at challenging outdoor recreation. These experiences often result in increased self-confidence and greater success in academic, professional and personal life challenges."

In other words, opportunities to play in the outdoors, like skiing and camping, are far more than just recreation. They represent a chance to build skills and self-esteem to help people achieve goals in every aspect of their lives.

I'm asking for your support in the form of a donation to USARC. My fundraising goal is $1800 by October 1st.

Please click here to go to the secure donation site! All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting USARC and athletes with disabilities!

PS You can also give me a check made out to USARC (contact me at sarah (dot) heacox (at) gmail (dot) com), or go to http://acteva.com/go/p2p15 , select "Donor" and press continue, and select "Rider-Sarah Heacox".

PPS You can see pictures of me riding in last year's 2008 Peak-to-Peak Pedal 14 here!

[Images: 1. Me and Talia, a seven-year-old with autism, in her first ski lesson. The huge smile never left her face. 2. Me and Emma in her bi-ski, enjoying some cocoa slopeside after a long chilly day of fun skiing. 3. USARC logo. 4. 15th Annual Peak-to-Peak Pedal logo.]

19 July 2009

Pics from 2008 Peak-to-Peak Pedal 14

Some pictures from the 2008 Peak-to-Peak Pedal, riding between Big Bear and Mammoth!

Ahhh, going downhill...

Taking a quick rest at the top of a hill.

Layered up against the below-freezing weather, the hill I just climbed in the background.

I'm smiling because I'm at 6000 feet approaching Mammoth Mountain, there's no oxygen, and Tom is pushing me up the hill.